Energy Storage

APS Energia has been developing green solutions for the industry for years and actively participates in the energy transformation by providing energy storage systems to the market.

In the energy transformation process, energy storage technology plays a crucial role, as evidenced by the market’s interest in this area and the demand for such solutions. This is due to the increasing use of renewable energy sources and the evolution of the energy system towards distributed energy and smart management systems.


The production of energy from renewable sources is dependent on weather conditions, such as sunlight and wind. To economically manage the generated energy, appropriate management of the power system is necessary. Energy storage systems play a significant role in this process, as they absorb excess energy produced under favorable conditions and store it until it is needed in the grid.

Energy storage systems produced by APS Energia are designed for industrial applications as backup power sources or as components of installations to increase self-consumption.


Much larger storage systems are utilized by professional electricity producers and distribution and transmission network operators to improve energy quality, stabilize power grids, provide power reserve to the National Power System, and offer power and capacity for electric vehicle charging. Strategically located energy storage systems can also serve as an alternative to network expansion or enable its postponement.

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We comply with the Network Code on Requirements for Generators (NC RfG) in cat. A and B

Functions and applications

Improvement of energy quality
On-grid operation
Off-grid operation
Microgrid balancing
Price arbitrage
Energy cost optimization (industrial plants)

Our Projects

30 kWh Energy Storage, SE 15/0.4 kV, Wawer.

Innogy, Poland

Microgrid: project, supply, and integration of bidirectional inverters.

TAURON, Poland

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