The foremost priority of APS Energia’s operations is to enhance production capabilities in the industry, considering factors of maximum environmental protection.

  • Quality and ecology are inseparable terms describing how our products function.
  • Unique technological solutions in the market, innovative design, utilising the latest achievements in electronics and computer science, ensure a higher utilitarian value compared to similar products currently available.
  • The rigorous technological system we have introduced aids in adhering to established quality standards. Reasons for any potential defects are analysed by a permanent team of specialists.
  • Every device produced by APS Energia undergoes what is known as a Factory Acceptance Test. Standard testing includes prolonged burn-in under various load conditions. We also conduct seismic and thermal endurance tests.
  • Companies forming part of the APS Energia Group possess quality management systems compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 standard or are in the process of certification. Additionally, we have the requisite approvals for operation in foreign markets: in Africa, Eurasia, the Middle East, the Far East, and countries in Oceania.


  • ISO 22163
  • ISO 19443 EN
  • ISO 9001 EN
  • ISO 45001 EN
  • ISO 14001 EN
  • NC-rfg EN
  • Certyfikat Zgodności PKP Intercity
  • NATO AQAP 2110:2016 EN
  • NATO AQAP 2310:2022 EN
  • Koncesja MSWiA
  • Kod Natowski

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Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Policy