Power Industry

Our expertise lies in designing and supplying advanced uninterruptible power supply systems for the power industry. Within this sector, various critical processes rely on a dependable power supply. Our most discerning clientele consists of power generation companies, including power plants, combined heat, and power plants, as well as companies involved in power distribution.

The reliability of power system operation hinges on ensuring the technical safety of all equipment and facilities within the system. Power outages caused by human actions or power grid failures lead directly to measurable consequences, such as financial losses due to unfulfilled obligations or equipment damage. Properly secured equipment and processes are essential in preventing such occurrences.

APS Energia offers custom-tailored solutions that cater to the unique requirements of each power system. With a wide range of parameters and features, we can design devices specifically dedicated to specific solutions. Our power supply systems are versatile and can be implemented in numerous versions to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers, such as varying receiver power, battery backup time, localization, remote supervision, and receiver protection configuration.

Why Choose Us?

Comprehensive Approach: from Design through Installation to Service
Our Devices are Empowered by Our In-House R&D Department
Tailor-Made Solutions: Custom-Designed for You
We Cooperate with Technical Universities in Poland and abroad
We Share Knowledge: Offering Training and Consulting Services
Certificates and Awards confirm the High Quality of Our Products
Innovation Remains Our Primary Focus

The devices manufactured by APS Energia are applied in:

  • Power Plants
  • Substations
  • Geothermal Power Plants
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Photovoltaic Farms
  • Wind Farms

Our Projects

Construction of blocks 5 and 6 at the Opole Power Plant – supply of BFI inverters and PBI rectifiers.

PGE GiEK SA, Poland

Construction of block 11 at the Kozienice Power Plant – supply of inverters, rectifiers, and DC/DC converters.

Enea Wytwarzanie, Poland

Supply of inverters for the Vilnius heat and power plant.

Ekobana, Lithuania

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