Industrial Market

APS Energia develops and supplies devices that ensure uninterrupted operation of industrial machinery in the industrial sector and IT server rooms.

The production equipment is sensitive to unexpected voltage fluctuations and other power failures. Power disturbances can lead to malfunction or damage of electrically powered devices, resulting in production line downtime and ultimately causing losses for the company. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems for AC and DC power have high technical parameters that ensure the supply of critical loads, thus ensuring production safety.

APS Energia systems are designed using the concept of distributed topology with independently functioning elements: each functional unit has an autonomous control system, independent monitoring systems, multi-point power supply for control and auxiliary voltages, galvanic isolation of DC and AC circuits, specially reinforced enclosure construction, and specifically selected electronic, electrical, and mechanical components.

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We Cooperate with Technical Universities in Poland and abroad
We Share Knowledge: Offering Training and Consulting Services
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Applications in various industrial sectors' technological lines
Controlling production processes
Industrial and public utility facilities

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