Oil and Gas

Our devices, designed and manufactured for the oil and gas industry, find application in various areas, including extraction, transportation, as well as oil and gas processing.

In the oil and gas industry, guaranteed power supply means more than just ensuring the continuity of technological processes. A power outage can pose a threat to the safety of workers and have adverse effects on the environment. The devices we manufacture for the oil and gas sector boast enhanced technical parameters, ensuring resilience in challenging operating conditions, both in electrically and physically demanding environments.

Our extensive experience in supplying the oil and gas sector enables us to produce devices designed for installation in various electrical standards, local regulations, and facility-specific norms.

We offer technologically advanced solutions in AC and DC uninterruptible power supply systems, tailored to meet the individual requirements of each customer. We provide technical advice on overall power system topology, protection, battery selection, and more.


Our devices comply with the specific requirements of oil and gas companies, and our international service team enables us to respond quickly to customer inquiries.

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Comprehensive Approach: from Design through Installation to Service
Our Devices are Empowered by Our In-House R&D Department
Tailor-Made Solutions: Custom-Designed for You
We Cooperate with Technical Universities in Poland and abroad
We Share Knowledge: Offering Training and Consulting Services
Certificates and Awards confirm the High Quality of Our Products
Innovation Remains Our Primary Focus


Electric motors and auxiliary pumps for reciprocating units and industrial power plants
Electrical devices, such as gas turbine control systems and motor starting systems
Control devices, such as PLC controllers, instruments, and SCADA systems
Safety-related devices, such as emergency lighting, fire detectors, and emergency switches

Our Projects

Modernisation of DC and AC power supply systems. Supply of PBI and BFI systems, along with batteries.

PKN Orlen, Poland

Supply and installation of emergency power systems, both DC and AC.

KazMunayGas, Kazakhstan

Design of BFI inverter systems.

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

The Systems Used in the Oil and Gas Industry are Characterized by:

  • “Heavy Duty” construction for operation in challenging conditions.
  • Galvanic isolation of DC and AC circuits.
  • Long battery autonomy and rapid recharge capability.
  • Designed for 20 years of service life.
  • Suitability for operation without the power grid (Black start).

APS Energia systems are designed using the concept of distributed topology with independently functioning elements: independent control systems for each functional unit, separate monitoring systems, multi-point power supply for control and auxiliary voltages, galvanic isolation of DC and AC circuits, user-friendly operation, high IP-rated enclosures, and specially selected electronic, electrical, and mechanical components.

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