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DC/DC voltage converters EPI are designed to convert given DC voltage into stabilized DC voltage, required by consumers – in the range 24-220 VDC or any other according to consumer’s technical specification. The use of systems is necessary to provide additional DC voltage to power systems with voltage other than battery voltage. Read more > Another common reason of DC voltage converter systems usage is that for some critical consumers, a very rigorous demands to the supply voltage should be provided. Such consumers cannot be connected directly to the battery.

A special type of DC/DC converters application is a consumer power supply from two independent DC sources (for example: two batteries). DC/DC voltage converter systems are produced in several mechanical versions: EPI MS, EPI MC, EPI MEPI CW, EPI CS.

EPI MS are systems with modules built in industrial cabinets. Such systems make it possible to build voltage converters with significant output power. The systems allow for the development of distribution boards and also enable the design systems, powered from many DC sources. In addition, EPI system can be equipped with other necessary functionalities.