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The DC / DC EPI type converters are designed for converting DC voltage to the voltage required by the load - mainly in the range from 24VDC to 220VDC.

The use of systems is necessary to provide additional DC voltage to power supply systems with a voltage different from the battery voltage. Another common reason for the use of DC voltage converters are extremely high demands on receivers that are critical to the stability of the supply voltage. These receivers can not be directly connected to the battery block.
A particular type of use of DC / DC converters is a power supply with two independent DC sources (e.g. two batteries) and a common load. DC / DC converter systems are manufactured in several versions: EPI MS, EPI MC, EPI MEPI CW, EPI CS.
EPI MS systems with modules built-in to a cabinet. These systems create the possibility to build power converters with significant power output. The systems enable construction of distribution fields, and also allow the creation of systems powered from a number of DC fields. Moreover, system can be equipped with other necessary functionalities.

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Low-power systems (up to 10kW), which can work independently. Small standing casing. Equipped with full control of the operation of the system. Construction analogous to CW EPI systems.

  • High voltage and output current stability
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMI filters)
  • Galvanically insulated from the power supply

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