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APS Energia and WB Electronics intend to jointly produce Polish energy storage facilities

APS Energia S.A. and WB Electronics S.A. signed a letter of intent to establish business and capital cooperation in the production area of energy storage systems. If in the course of negotiations and after completion of the due diligence process of ENAP S.A., a subsidiary company of APS Energia S.A., by WB Electronics S.A. a transaction will be completed, APS Energia S.A. will sale to WB Electronics S.A. 50 percent + 1 share in its subsidiary. After the positive finalization of the whole process ENAP S.A will deal with the comprehensive production, implementation, and maintenance of energy storage installations on the Polish and foreign markets.

I am proud that if there will be a joint venture two Polish companies, will be able to show the world that not only corporations such as Tesla or SMA can successfully produce energy storage. APS Energia will bring experience in power electronics technologies of energy conversion, as well as experience in complete energy storage facilities already delivered to customers. WB Electronics has the technology of lithium-ion cell packaging. ENAP, in turn, has know-how and competencies related to services in the power industry and production industry. We would like to offer a wide range of warehouses from a few kWh for small home units to large warehouses dedicated to industrial companies or plants dealing with electricity distribution and transmission. The market prospects are immense. - said Piotr Szewczyk, CEO of APS Energia.

He added that the joint venture of APS Energia with WB Electronics is in line with The Project of energy policy until 2040, announced yesterday by the Polish government and with new rules on the electricity market enabling active participation in the system of energy storage introduced at the beginning of this year. The document PEP 2040 indicates that energy storage technologies are one of the most anticipated innovations.

I firmly believe that the popularization of energy storage will strongly influence the pace of transformation of the Polish energy sector. The draft PEP 2040 predicts that in 2030 the share of renewable energy sources in final energy consumption (gross) will be at least 23%. Meanwhile, the system power industry has more and more problems with balancing the growing share of RES, which is affected by the lack of connection capacity. There are more and more energy cooperatives and energy clusters but the condition of the low and high voltage networks, due to the connection of a large number of green micro-installations, generates more and more technical problems. The widespread introduction of energy storage can solve this problem. It allows us to maximize the use of energy produced, including the RES, and to increase the flexibility and security of the entire power system. - said Piotr Szewczyk.


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