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In oil and gas industry the guaranteed power supply means much more than maintaining the continuity of technological processes. power outage can pose a threat for the life of workers and may also have an adverse impact on the environment. Therefore, devices, which we produce for oil and gas sector have higher technical parameters, to ensure resistance to tough operating conditions, both in electrical main and environment.

Characteristics of APS Energia products for oil and gas sector:

    • technically advanced solutions for AC and DC guaranteed power supply, customized to the individual requirements of each customer,
    • consultancy on technical matters: general topology of energy-supply system, selectivity of the safety devices/protections, battery selection etc.,
    • compliance with the detailed requirements of oil companies, such as GAZPROM, ARAMCO,
    • international service team for fast response to customers' requests.

Many years of experience in the supply for oil and gas sector allow us to produce devices in accordance with various electrical standards, local & industry (departmental) standards (norms).

Our devices are used across the whole production chain:

    • Upstream: drilling, production, maritime transport,
    • Transportation: pipelines and storage vessels, compressor stations and metering stations, oil&gas terminals, lNg terminals, underground gas storage facilities,
    • Downstream: process units and off-site installations in refi neries, petrochemical and chemical plants, gas processing facilities, fertilizer plants.

We secure with our guaranteed power supply systems:

    • Electric motors driving the process and auxiliary equipment,
    • Lub-oil pumps,
    • Gas turbines control systems,
    • Instrumentation & Control devices,
    • Installations for power generation, transmission and distribution,
    • PLC’s, SCADA and DCS systems,
    • Emergency shutdown systems, fire & gas detection and fi re-fi ghting systems, emergency lighting, signaling, radio & telecommunication,
    • Navigational aids, helideck lighting.

Our systems used in oil industry are characterized by:"Heavy duty" structure for operation in diffi cult conditions,

    • Galvanic insulation of DC and AC circuits,
    • Long time of batteries autonomy and their fast supercharging,
    • 20-years of the designed lifetime period,
    • Work adaption without network (black start).

APS Energia systems are designed using the concept of distributed topology of system components functioning independently: independent control systems of each functional unit, independent systems of work monitoring, multipoint power supply of control and auxiliary voltages, galvanic insulation of DC and AC circuits, easy handling, high Ip of  housing and specially selected electronic, electrical and mechanical components.

The diagram of the oil network below shows the areas that are protected by devices manufactured by APS Energia SA:


The diagram of the oil network below shows the areas that are protected by devices manufactured by APS Energia SA:




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The basic element of the UPS system is the inverter, the converter processing DC to single or three phase AC voltage.



PBI systems (buffer pulse rectifiers) are DC power units tailored to the needs of industrial plants with high requirements in terms of operational reliability, technical specifications and supply reliability.


DC/DC Converters

The DC / DC EPI type converters are designed for converting DC voltage to the voltage required by the load - mainly in the range from 24VDC to 220VDC.


Power systems for asynchronous motors - FAT

One special type of inverters are power systems for asynchronous motors - FAT. The inverters are characterized by frequency regulation of the motor speed.


Surveillance systems

The task of systematic surveillance systems is to collect data from the critical points of the supply system and convert it into simple and clear information.