APS Energia

The main customers for our equipment are those for whom reliable operation and high technical specifications are a priority. Emergency power systems ensure the continuity of production processes or uninterruptible power supply in the event of primary power failure. Power failures result in very high losses (several times the cost of supply equipment).

APS Energia devices are niche products. Other manufacturers offers serial and low-quality equipment such as UPS is quite often rejected due to inadequate technical specification. APS Energia provides emergency power systems that configuration and technical specification can be customized to the client's expectations.

The company manufactures equipment of diverse technical specifications, including even the most unusual, allowing machines to be overloaded and major short-circuit currents to be generated. APS Energy supply systems are characterized by very stable and high output voltage parameters. The company's strategy involves keeping separate from bulk, serial products with low manufacturing costs. APS Energia is constantly developing new technical specifications for machines and looking for market niches where there is a need for innovative and technologically advanced solutions for power systems.

Devices manufactured by APS Energia use the latest technological solutions. These are converter systems based on IGBT technology, which is the most advanced technology for power transistors for processing energy. With full power rectifier systems, they are still used in the least unreliable SCR systems - thyristors. The use of proven signal processors and precise electronic components has allowed the creation of electronic control systems perfectly matched to the respective devices. The whole technology is constantly monitored in order to maintain the highest quality equipment. Building a system from scratch, in other words from its individual components, makes it possible to control the quality and have a flexible approach to customer needs.

The systems offered by APS Energia can be powered by different electricity sources. This enables various combinations of devices within the same system. The power sources may include mains, chemical battery, photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, fuel cells and other sources that are able to generate electricity.

APS Energia SA has a research and development department, that investigates new technologies and the development of new devices based on the latest scientific achievements. The research and development department is constantly working with colleges and universities from Poland and abroad to ensure the best possible use of contemporary science. The development of devices also makes use of feedback from the customers who use APS Energia's products, since it is they who are most often able to accurately assess the various parameters of the device.