APS Energia

 Since starting operations APS Energia SA has recorded continuous growth and development starting from the creation of new products, through implementation of new technologies, to building strong relationships with customers and expansion onto new markets.


APS Energia SA timeline of events
2014 The International Scientific and Technical Seminar in Krynica Zdroj and Jastarnia
2012/2013 Certification of equipment for compliance with the requirements of ROSATOM
2012 Obtaining the GAZPROM certificate for switchgear
2012 Foundation of OOO APS Energia Ukraine, based in Kiev
2012 OHSAS 18001 certificate awarded
2011 Participation at the Innoprom 2011 international trade fair in Yekaterinburg
2011 Received Pulstar awards for technology in the GreenEvo competition organized by the Ministry of the Environment

Establishment of APS Energia Czech s.r.o., based in Prague


Transformation of APS Energia Sp. z o.o. into a Joint Stock Company

Construction of the new headquarters of ENAP SA commenced in the production and service hall at Wilczkowice Górne
2009 Transformation of ENAP Sp z o.o. into a Joint Stock Company
2009 Gazprom certificate obtained for the selected device: PBI rectifiers, BFI inverters, EPII-type DC / DC converters, generators
2008 Acquisition of 100% of shares in Enap Sp. z o.o. with registered office in Wilczkowice near Kozienice
2008 APS Energia Sp. z o.o. forms the companies: OOO APS Energia Rus and APS Energy CaucasusLLC, TOO APS Energia Kazakhstan
2005 BFI converters with a capacity of 1.8 MVA supplied to NATO
2004 APS Energia SA expands its operations in Kazakhstan. Subsidiary of APS Energia formed in Kazakhstan
2004 GOST certificate (ГОСТ) obtained
2004 Inverters delivered to Saudi Arabia for "ARAMCO" (the largest concern involved in the exploration and extraction of crude oil)
2003 Expansion onto the Czech market
2002 Award of the PSE Chairman's prize
2002 Award of the SEP Chairman's prize for APS Energy for Pulstar type wireless  hydrogen power system
2002 Implementation of ISO 9001:2000 quality system
2002 500mV  unit in Kozienice is protected by a UPS produced by APS Energia
2001 First participation at the Hanover Trade Fair
1999 Supply of switchgear system and DC / DC converters for EC-4 in Łódź
1998 Award for FAT system at the ENERGETAB Fair
1997 First participation at ENERGETAB fair in Bielsko-Biala
1997 1st scientific and technical conference at the Kozienice SA power plant
1997 Production commences of AC power systems, BFI -DC / AC Inverters, MODULA - industrial version of UPS systems and FAT- asynchronous motors power systems.
1996 Creation of a complete series of  PBI rectifiers
1996 Range of PBI 24 to 220V power supply buffers developed. To this day it is one of the company's best selling products. EPI-type DC / DC converters designed based on experience with PBI power supplies
1995 Launch of APS. The first devices designed by APS were plasma power supplies, that were exported to the Netherlands, Germany, USA, Japan, Taiwan and other countries